Hi There, My name is Aneeqe A. Khan

I love all things Digital Marketing, Tech and Growth!

Quick Intro

Hey there, my name is Aneeqe A. Khan, a Senior Customer Success Manager at Cresco Data and a Performance Marketing & Growth Leader in eCommerce, Marketing, and Tech space. I’ve worked with multinational brands across the world, helping them achieve success in the fast-moving and dynamic world of digital commerce.

When I’m not working, I love to indulge in my hobby of digital photography. There’s something about capturing the perfect shot that brings me so much joy. With my experience and passion, I’m a leading expert in eCommerce and marketing.

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CrescoData is Asia-Pacific’s leading Enterprise Commerce Automation Platform. CrescoData works with global enterprise customers to connect their Platforms to Global Commerce Channels. The CrescoData Commerce Connect Platform uses AI to connect, map and automate Commerce Data at scale. Available via open API and connects countless channels via a single integration.

Type X Digital

At TypeX, we offer comprehensive marketing services that cover a wide range of specialist skills. From strategy development to revenue growth and digital presence enhancement, we can support clients with all aspects of their marketing or address specific needs. Our end-to-end solutions help to supercharge your marketing efforts and achieve success.

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