Hi There, My name is Aneeqe A. Khan

I love all things Digital Marketing, Tech and Growth!

Quick Intro

Hey there, I’m Aneeqe! I’m currently leading the charge on Customer Success and Partnerships at CrescoData, where I work with some seriously epic eCommerce businesses to achieve Omnichannel success. I’m super passionate about all things viral marketing, hypergrowth, and business automation, and I love using my skills to help businesses thrive. Whether it’s developing killer content strategies, optimizing drip campaigns, or exploring the latest AI and automation trends, I’m always looking for new ways to push the envelope. When I’m not deep in the weeds with clients, I usually explore new side hustles and business ventures. And let’s be real – I’m always down to geek out over the latest eCommerce trends or chat about the future of CX. I’m all about building strong relationships, personally and professionally. Because let’s face it – collaboration is key to changing the world. So if you’re ready to make some magic happen, let’s connect & Let’s change the world!